5 de març de 2007

Dictionnaire des sources du Japon classique

Michael Watson comunica :

Dear PMJS members

We have the pleasure to announce to you that the long awaited
Dictionary of Sources of Classical Japan (Joan Piggot, Ivo Smits,
Ineke Van Put, Michel Vieillard-Baron, Charlotte von Verschuer, eds. + 30 contributors) is now out !

This Dictionary of Sources of Classical Japan is intended to guide
students, scholars, and others interested readers to sources dating from, or with
relevance to, the Japan of the eight through twelfth centuries. It
roughly covers the Nara and Heian periods (710-1192). In other words, this
work offers an entry into classical Japan. Our guiding intention throughout has
been to make accessible a very large body of material that can in one way or
another contribute to our understanding of this seminal period in Japan's
history. The Dictionary contains some twelve hundred entries, practically all of
which deal with single sources, describing their contents and characteristics, and
offering bibliographical information on editions and availabletranslations.

(From the Introduction)

Its price is 29 euros (+ postage). It can be ordered directly to the
distributor (the homepage can be shifted into English !)


Dictionnaire des sources du Japon classique. Dictionary of sources of
classical Japan. Sous la direction de PIGGOTT (J.), SMITS (I.), VAN
PUT (I.), VERSCHUER (C. von), VIEILLARD-BARON (M.). Institute des
Hautes Etudes Japonaises (College de France). 2006. 577 p.